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Colombo Ezio

Specialists in the production of ring nuts and nuts since 1958

Discover Colombo Ezio quality: self-locking ring nuts, DIN standardized and custom-made for secure and precise fastening.

Self-locking ring nuts

Self-locking ring nut, unique, designed with a polyamide ring of nylon 6.6. This provides a high coefficient of friction between the screw and the ring nut, ensuring superior locking effectiveness compared to a traditional ring nut.

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Standard ring nuts

Wide range of standard ring nuts, manufactured according to the technical specifications of DIN standards for KM and MB. This translates into a guarantee of standardized quality and products that comply with regulations.

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Precision ring nuts

Precision ring nuts, manufactured with utmost attention to detail and tight tolerances, and featuring radial locking grains. Ideal for applications that require precise positioning and adjustment.

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Special ring nuts

Colombo Ezio specializes in custom production of designed ring nuts and special ring nuts. Realizations in various materials and sizes, from ∅18mm to ∅+300mm, according to customer specifications.

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Rely on Colombo Ezio for safety nuts and special nuts. Designed to last, engineered for your safety.

Special nuts and safety nuts

Colombo Ezio

Special nuts and safety nuts, manufactured with a wide range of materials and shapes to meet specific requirements. We are committed to fulfilling customized customer requests, adhering to dimensional and mechanical requirements, as well as coating and treatment needs. We also offer the option of applying locking inserts for extra safety. Choose the quality and security of our tailored nuts for your projects.

Cage nuts

Colombo Ezio

A quick-locking cage nut is a combination of a square nut and a harmonic steel cage. Cage nuts are used in those industrial sectors where panels are assembled by mechanical fasteners.




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Colombo Ezio & C., since 1958, is an international leader in the production of ring nuts and nuts for various industrial sectors. Know-how, experience, and expertise, combined with efficiency and sustainability, represent our values that have allowed us to consolidate our role in the fasteners industry. Discover the quality and innovation that define our identity.

Colombo Ezio

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Flexibility and excellence at our customers’ service for more than 60 years

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